Cats 3000 online organisational theatre agency

Statement of intent


This is an outline proposal for a new theatre agency based online.

It will form part of cats 3000 theatre work in business and organisations.

It is not intended to interfere with actors mainstream theatre work and we look to work openly and in partnership with their existing agencies. We are not a replacement of existing theatre agents.


The aim of the enterprise is to allow actors to get more work in a field which is generally well paid, challenging, and can enhance their experience and work portfolio in the world of theatre.



How it works


There will be to levels of membership in this on-line agency:

Core membership is available to actors who work directly with Cats 3000 on the theatre in business and organisation’s work. Cats 3000 offers a range of events and workshops, services and programmes to organisations and Industry using theatre based training. This includes forum theatre, as well as direct production and performance of theatre shows with a business and an organization audience in mind.


A core member will be the first port of call for Cats 3000 corporate theatre work. A five per cent commission is payable to Cats 3000 or, if appropriate, its theatre arm, Rational Madness.

We cannot guarantee work for core members but being a core member means being on a priority list when Cats 3000 sources actors for its own work. Core members also benefit from training on an ongoing basis in the skills necessary for working in theatre based training.


Each core member has their own online CV and web page hosted by Cats 3000.

When inquiries are received from third parties regarding sourcing actors for theatre work specifically related to organisational theatre, Cats 3000 first prioritises core members.

An associate member also has their own online CV and web page hosted by cats 3000.

Cats 3000 endeavours, but does not guarantee, to match the relevant person (and most appropriate person) to the outside request for an actor. This is of course a subjective process of will be based on relevant experience, appropriate skills, and where requested, relevant knowledge.


Associate members will also have access to low-cost and sometimes free professional development and training. They also have the opportunity to apply to become a core member.


No guarantees of work can be made.

The number of core members will be limited to less than 20 at any one time in order to provide intensive pool of talent that Cats 3000 can draw upon. When a core member leaves or is taken off the books there is then an opportunity for an associate member to apply to become a core member. A nominal charge is payable on acceptance in order to cover costs.

Associate members also pay a joining fee-a one-off payment on joining-in order to cover the costs of their online CV and web page.


It is not intended to make a profit out of this venture but to cover administration costs and also to build a pot of money to support new work within Rational Madness and Cats 3000. 

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