CATS3000 “shoulds”

We should question the brain metaphor of the mind

We should question the computer, machine metaphor on the mind as the only relevant metaphor


We should identify some new metaphors for internet working e.g inter-communing

We should carry out a critique of binary thinking in favour of quality AND quantitiy, and either-and thinking

We should elucidate process gestures – the idea that business processes have inherent gestures that can be harmonious or discordant

we should clarify the role of art in business

build on the work on maps, stories and pathways

we should consider alternatives to input-output

we should redeem evolution with the theory of involution

we should make radical subjectivity palatable as a management approach

we should design and suggest new ways of working together especially  critique of !traning and workshopping in favour of Bohms dialogue and Goethes conversation

we should take open space thinking and practice to the next level, the basic idea of spontaneity, emergence and payfulness

we should make the collusion of mediocirty clear and less disdainful

we should find a way of making planetary consciosuness less new agey and satanic sounding

we should create a process for map making and map reading in organisations

we should develop the ration-madness concept – the idea of living comfortably and lightly with contradiction

we should research new “shapes” for business and organisations, away from input output, hierachical structures  and away from “nets” (hives) towards circles, communities spirals

we should rewrite ten of the most well known problem solving techniques in the spirit of these new perspectives

we should evolve the threefold social order concept

we should develop the Alfie Kohn work about rewards and explore the idea of payement for need not worth

We should make the esence of NLP avaialble and accessible to those who initially distrust it and its language

we should develop our thinking about change management, specifically the existential nature of change, Roger Harrison


we should look at natural law and how it plays into business and organisational life without beig to hippy or new age

we should build on the work on Diversity, and move thinking away from the idea of standardisation ad equality towards diversity and mass customisation

we should spiritually rescue TQM, CI and empowerment and other buzz phrases that preoccupy the world (Blue consult to research this)


We should explore the importance of wakefulness or consiousness in the information age, and methods for being wakeful such as Steiner, Gurdijeff and others

We should look at lightness and playfulness and charisma – John Christian, Gerry Thompson’s Buddhist view of being in the moment


we should get involved with our local agenda and community – cultural bid, Brighton’s search for an artistic identity, local social issues and problems – to ground us



we should dedicate one hour each day to this for the next year




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