Gently Now

A spiritual holocaust is taking place
the annihilation of the human spirit
we will exist as cold, intellectual beings
with no heart
with spider-like precision
the weapon of attack is stealthy materialism
one of the first targets was this:
Last century it began
all around us people are dying inwardly
but as materialism knows
it keeps the spiritual corpses clever
they are animated so they look and seem alive
yet deeper down poor copies of what they could be alive
the generosity becomes instrumental
the hugs become strategic
destiny and vocation become pragmatism
all is a collusion of mediocrity
you are rewarded if you “behave” according to the rules of the system
the horror of it is the feeling of emptiness
you awake in your coffin still alive
still in your 20s or 30s
and “I am dead but still walking”;


the way back?
it cannot be dramatic
it cannot be revolutionary
because materialism can meet it and beat it every time
it must also be done by stealth
to return to source
it must be done with gentle authenticity
will barely noticed kindness
with warmth of hearth that burns only quietly
like the bells of a sleigh on the wind

and when enough people have warmed just a little
the homeopathic Christmas is reborn
and will send the materialism into a realisation of its own pain
and it will sense its own loneliness
and seek a place around the Christmas fire
and we will welcome it
slowly and gently
with smiles
gentle kisses
and tiny presents
individually wrapped
uniquely thought out
given in love
gently now


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