the book poem

       a man goes into a shop

       to buy a pint of milk

       on the way past the pet food

       he arrives at the stationery

       there isn’t much there

       but he sees a little note book

       no bigger than a hand size

       with a little pencil

       attached to it

       with a fake gold clasp

       it is 50 pence


       because it is the last one

       a little dust covered

       he buys it

       though he is spending his last pound coin

       that notebook

       that tiny pencil

       no bigger than a lollipop stick

       will be the tools of his entire life’s happiness

       for had he not bought THAT book

       in THAT moment of almost random creative choice

       he wouldnt have written the poem

       to recite to Debra

       and he wouldnt have written down her number

       and they wouldnt have met

       and got together

       that first kiss

       that first touch by the fountain

       in Steine Gardens

       they wouldnt travel the world together

       a year after they were married

       they were in Malaysia

       he lost that book

       it saddened him

       but his life was now happy

       twenty six years later

       he would be in a house

       in Oslo

       staying with a female friend

       mourning the death of his dear wife

       and he would see a little book lying on the table

       found by his friend

       ten years before


       she had kept it for the poem in it

       the man’s

       she liked it

       he would see the book

       but say not a word

       he never retrieved the book

       and though sad

       and never forgetting his wife

       he would go on

       to live a long and happy life



       the end


One Comment Add yours

  1. elizabeth says:

    lovely poem and interesting

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