Photocopier 3

(Scene. A small photocopier room. Sounds of copying. Copier is actually off stage right. Lights up on Sam and Stuart)


Sam: The thing I most hate about photocopying rooms is they seem to be places of malicious gossip.


Stuart: Yes, I can’t stand that. People think it’s all harmless. But it can cause real hurt.


Sam; Too right. Actually, Ed Sandler tried to slag off Amanda Carter to me only this morning. I told him where to get off.


Stuart: What’s up with Amanda?


Sam: She’s getting depressed over her trouble.


Stuart: (lowers his voice): You mean the rash?


Sam: Yes, she claims she has no I idea where it came from.


Stuart: Well, she wouldn’t the first person to get a rash from Barry Bunkshaft.


Sam: Serves her right if you ask me. I wouldn’t go near that Slimefest if you paid me.


Stuart: I notice she had her hand over her lip as well in the Quality Briefing this morning.


(they both giggle)


Sam: Anyway, how are you doing these days?


Stuart (defensively): fine thanks. You?


Sam: (defensively too): Terrific.


(they look sheepish. Lights)

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