Photocopier 4

(Scene. A small photocopier room. Sounds of copying. Copier is actually off stage right. Lights up on Brian and Chris)


Brian: Have you got a lot to do?


(Chris holds up a huge pile of papers)


Chris: Ah.


Brian: You?


(Chris holds up an even bigger pile of papers)


Brian: Snap.


Chris: OK. Go for your gun.


Brian: Twenty copies of the Environmental Policy amendments. Beat that.


Chris: Two hundred double-sided copies of the cost-reduction strategy. Got ya!


Brian: Not a chance mate. Fifteen lots of forty pages of the new time management manual. Ta da!


Chris: Well, beat this…a hundred and fifteen copies of minutes from the meeting about how we streamline the minute taking process.


Brian: Damn, that’s good.


Chris: So, your round again then!


Brian: Wait a minute. I haven’t finished yet.


Chris: What you got then…?


Brian: One copy…


Chris: One copy? Ha bloomin’ ha…


Brian: One copy… of the managing director’s draft strategy document on product simplification.


Chris: One copy…


(Brian proudly holds up a huge wad of paper)


Brian: One copy, two thousand nine hundred pages…


Chris: Blimey!


Brian: Sixteen hundred pages of appendices.


(Brian holds up even more paper)


So, mine’s a double G and T.


Chris: Fair enough



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