What is an organisation?


The next time you leave the building of your organisation at the end of the working day, turn around and take a look.

What is the organisation? Is it the building? The bricks and mortar? Is it the people moving around in the organisation? One moment in one office the next moment moving to another? Is it the resources, the money, the machinery and equipment? Is it a combination of all of these? Perhaps if you came back at two o’clock on the morning and the building stood idle (of course some organisations operate 24 hours!), what would you see then? Is it the same organisation? Nothing is happening there? The building is as dead as the bricks and mortar, apart from the occasional buzz of the electrical system. An organisation is only alive when there is activity, particularly the activity of people combined with the forces of nature and the form of thinking, movement, electricity, energy and so on. All of these things combine together and can be encapsulated in one word: processes.

It is only when we think process, that we get closer to organisational reality. Anything short of that will result in a collusion of mediocrity

That is what an organisation really is: a process.

Yet it is so easy to see the organisation primarily as those things, which are most external, the building that we will look back upon as we make a way home. Yet the organisation in the form of its physical nature even its resources, is as dead as a mountain or as unconscious as a forest until human beings are accused of those resources using the creativity to create movement and life in the form of processes.



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