5 High and 5 Low risk tips for a stand-out Actors’ CV.

5 High risk tips to help your CV shine

1. Create a banner/tableau of more than one (ideally 5) images of you in action across the top of your CV or down the side – two head shots and three action shots

2. Have a short section of 5 key words called “Five words that capture who I am” E.g. “Physical, flexible, French-speaking, acrobatic, intuitive”

3. Only show your last three shows – be proud of what you are doing now – not a parade of your ancient history

4. Under each show you have been involved in, write a short answer to the following question: From this production I….(then write new skills, ideas, abilities you developed)

e.g. From this production I learned aerial theatre skills

5. Under Interests, include: “Plays I am currently reading”.
Other quirky headings include:
Favourite play
Favourite quote
Who I’d most like to work/train with

Why high risk? because you are daring to be different in a samey world.

5 Low risk tips for a stand-out Actors’ CV.

THE MAIN TIP – One CV will never fit all

1. Have a flexible CV, not just one – see each new casting opportunity as a chance to think through how you really want to present yourself. PLay around with the order of sections, image and wording.

2. Clean out the am-dram listings; research who you are writing to and highlight and feature the most relevant shows you have done; remember, your CV will be skim read

3. Do not pick the “hungry for acting”- looking photo; choose one that suggests adaptability and confidence, but not arrogance

4. Get two first-class references who you know will take proper time and effort to provide a detailed reference for you, if requested. Prune half-hearted referees.

5. Where possible, show you have recently worked in a Fringe Festival – casting agents and emlployers like the sense of “recent work” that goes with premieres and new work.

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