5 recession-themed areas for exploring in impro-based event

5 recession-themed areas for exploring in impro-based events

1. Radical change and innovation – responding to the crisis
APPLIED IMPROV RESPONSE: activities which allow playful responses under pressure/fast-paced impro, developing “flow” under time pressure, how teams can sometimes get cross-wires unless they coordinate together, developing collaborative responses under unplanned conditions
2. Cost cutting and doing more with less resources
APPLIED IMPROV RESPONSE: games where resources are reduced – reducing: the number of people in an activity, or the amount of time, or props, or physical space; reducing the number of worlds; exploring the threshold where reducing is NOT the right way to improve performance
3. Dealing with uncertainty
APPLIED IMPROV RESPONSE: games and activities where uncertainty can be handled in particular positive ways; group idea generation; also adding new elements into an activity requiring immediate “re-action”
4. Dealing with aftermath, recovering from bad news
APPLIED IMPROV RESPONSE: an activity where scenarios are played out based around dealing with bad news, crises etc
5. Exploring pressure and stress
APPLIED IMPROV RESPONSE: energising activities, relaxation exercises, activities about “letting go”

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