CATS3000 Services

Our services are built around what you need.

Activities we are regularly asked to do include:

away days for teams, groups and organisations looking at turnaround, real change, resolving strange team dynamics,  writing and realising new and real strategies, coming up with ideas for change, new product or service development (these are sometimes two or three day event)

collusion breaking sessions and reality checks (also exorcising organisational demons

one to one conversations, guidance, serious coaching and mentoring (no faffing about)

skilful facilitation of meetings and events, also making events and activities more dynamic

facilitating action learning (including our own drop-in and self-managed versions as well) Don’t know what action learning is? Look it up!

facilitating open space events and large group gathering

research services – finding out what’s wrong and what’s right, “issue” detective work

training and development – personal and leadership development

technosophic work – sorting out your technology strategy in a wise way