A More Profound Route to Creativity?

A lot of people experience creativity blocks when they feel “stuck” and also when they feel tense and stressed. So many of the ideas you have shared can work when people are in that state. But it’s also a dangerous assumption to make at a more general level.

In my own experience, many people are blocked BECAUSE they are relaxed. BECAUSE they are feeling upbeat and laughing. There’s a kind of contentment these days that can be a kind of automaton behaviour where the highs are part of a “collusion of mediocrity”, where people are in a state of wretched contentment. Why wretched? This is only defined by them personally during deeper moments of reflection where they describe themself, in the words of Pink Floyd, as “comfortably numb”.

In my view a large number of people do not need a massage or some laughter medicine or a group hug to “get the creative juices flowing. On the contrary, they need to experience their blockage for real, more profoundly, to build up a pressure where the creative volcano finally erupts. They may need a hard kick up the proverbial ass, to experience frustration, to go THROUGH their blockage, not around it, nor be superficially lifted out of it. I know this sounds like a spoiler for much of the lovely-dovey touchy feely games of the “impro” world. but I’d invite you to consider it – that authentic creativity for many may need a journey THROUGH negativity and darkness through a profound catharsis into a deeper experience of creativity.

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