Welcome to the realm of Technosophy

In 1992 I co-authored a book called Technosophy. It explored different perspectives on the theme of technology. What is the fundamental purpose of technology? Where is technology leading us? Whare different perspectives on technology are there?

I used to call myself a technosophist, someone exploring how wisdom and technology are related. I now see myself also as a technosopher, someone who explores the purpose of, and different kinds of thinking about technology.

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  1. Michael says:

    See …Technocracy, Technology and Technosophy…..

    •The …Moralizations, Legalities and Ethics…. of The Technocracy of The Humanities (Secular)

    •The …Study, Research and Development…. of The Technology of The Sciences (Scientific)

    •The …Designing, Engineering, and Manufacturing…. of The Technosophy of The Theisms (Spiritual)

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