The New CATS3000 Learning Agenda 2010-11

CATS3000 has developed a number of new learning and development workshops for businesses and public organisations seeking to develop abilities in their people that are refreshingly new and appropriate for a post-meltdown world.

Many organisations are in aftermath from significant cost reduction, belt-tightening,  redundancies, falls in recession-related revenue, and many organisations are currently going through these experiences, or will do so. It’s potential a negative time for organisational and business life. Of course some organisations are more or less impacted by recent events.

These workshops have emerged from both experiences of recent world events and also from a recognition that many of the skills and issues covered by traditional training and development programmes have simply stood the test of time or been adequate to meeting the challenges posed. In fact, some managers we have met have virtually given up on anything other than direct work specific training.

These new workshops kick start organisations as they move into genuinely new ways for working.

Stop! Can you hear it? Can you even smell it? The bull shit? Delete everything above, it’s just more of the same!

But watch this space.

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