About This E-Book

This online “e-book” will probably never be finished, but it will always be complete. You can read it any time as a whole or you can read any separate part without needing to read the whole. As new thoughts and experiences emerge I’ll be adding to it, editing it, enriching it, pruning it!

Over ten years of observation and engagement and much reflection with the world have led to this book’s publication. I think it is a very dangerous book but also a relevant and much-needed one for our times. It’s a book which tries to explore and explain the Zeitgeist – spirit of the times in which we live. it’s a manual for unhappiness, yet an unhappiness that leads to a longer, more profound contentment in personal and working life.

I dedicate it to Bob Sang, who first brought the book’s key idea to my attention and to the many people – actors, teachers, managers, leaders and followers who have helped the book’s content to evolve.

This is a book built on misery and pointlessness that is aimed, like a paper plane towards happiness and a richer sense of purpose and satisfaction.

It is aimed at a freedom, not only of choice, but also at the freedom to direct one’s own motives in real time.

It’s a work-in-progress and I have constantly adding to it. You can read it in order or you can dip in and out of it. I’ll be adding more to it over the coming year.

I hope you enjoy the book, find it useful, and I hope it screws you up in the best possible way.

Paul Levy

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One thought on “About This E-Book

  1. hey am blessed to have through your book,though briefly.i wish to read it more! great work,bravo keep it up!

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