Brick in the Pond – Conversations on Facilitation and Change

Paul Levy, CATS3000, Associate, Chris Stagg and other creative movers and shakers delve into the world of change, heroes, leadership and facilitation

. Chris is founder of Chris Stagg Associates and an award-winning exponent of organisational theatre. His facilitation skills are used across the UK and overseas.

Paul is the founder of CATS3000, and is a writer and facilitator on change, creativity and leadership. The Conversations Click on each link to open the audio player to play the conversation.

Conversation 1 – Dialogue, conflict, impact, authenticity and fallible change Audio file:  stagglevy2010

Conversation 2 – Chris pokes a conversational stick at Paul as they discuss leadership, heroes, myths and maps in organisations Audio file: chrispaul1heroes


Conversation 3 – Paul Levy interviews Rob Warwick and Pete Burden about their new book, Leading Mindfully. This is an engaging discussion about leadership, about mindfulness, about “noticing”, and about the difference between leadership and “leader”.

Listen to Pete Burden and Rob Warwick Part 1

Listen to Pete Burden and Rob Warwick Part 2

Visit the Change Management Zone

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