Open Space links


Here is my page of links to the world of open space.

Critique and Research

Academic research on OS

A short critique

Open Space not so open for introverts?


A description

Another definition

A definition from Coaching Connect

A definition by John Perkins

Another from Green World Trust

A definition from Planeta

Art of hosting definition

Jack Martin Leith’s Guide to OS

KS Toolkit

Open Space on Wikipedia (definition and history)

Defined by The Co-Intelligence Institute

Defined by Martin Fowler

Glossary of Open Space terms

Transition Network definition

Unconferences and open space

Video montage


A history of open space by Harrison Owen


Facilitating OS – a handy guide

An Inviting Guide

The Requirements of OS by Harrison Owen

Open Space Method

Open Space – a users’ guide

Good description from People and Planet

Setting up


A Grounded Theory Study On The Value Associated With Using Open Space Technology


Michael Herman’s links and resources on OS and publications

Open Space Canada

Open Space Institute US

OS List – email discussion community

Open Space online

Open Space World  – a wiki

Open Space world community

Open Space worldscape – world map

Spiritedog – lots of links


Center for the Study of Art and Community

Chris Corrigan


Esther Matte

Freechild Project

Genuine Contact


Open Space Egypt

Open Space workshop

Peggy Holman

Scrum Alliance


Open Space Technology – a user’s guide by Harrison Owen


Brief introduction to OS

A longer introduction

Harrison Owen speaks

Janette McSkimming describes Open Space Technology

Open Space explained and also here

Open Space in Action and another example

Open space in 30 seconds (speeded up)

Video Montage of Open Space

Visit my Open Space Realm