The Vital Link Between “Re” and “OS”

The prefix “re” is defined in the dictionary as: prefix meaning “back to the original place, again”

Back to the original place, again. Now, hold that in mind for a few moments.

I’ve suggested elsewhere that Open Space, whatever it becomes locally labelled as in a specific context, is a self-organising process for a community to allow potential to emerge, to appear in the world of the senses, and that it wants to emerge.

When a community comes together to explore something they are restless to explore, potential seems to respond through revelation. There are few stories of an Open Space that remained locked in silence.

When a community consciously and responsibly self-organises to explore an issue of common ground significance, what lies latent in that situation tends to come out and at least allow itself to be named as possibility – as possible action for the future.

I’ve seen it so often. A group often refers to it as a “breakthrough moment”, as if they have broken through to make visible something that was previously hidden – an idea, a solution, a new powerful challenge or question.

The reaction is a leap of energy in the group, a sense of vibrant motivation that we have “got somewhere”.

It often looks exactly the same as when a person remembers a name that has eluded them, or when they remember how to do something they had forgotten.

I think it looks the same because it is the same.

When a self-organised group has a collective or individual “Aha!” moment, there is a sharp intake of breath, and a sense that we have remembered something we had forgotten. We RE-cognise it.

Perhaps it was always there in archetype, or in the collectively unconscious wisdom that runs like a vein of gold through us all. Perhaps we recognise it because it becomes a specific manifestation or more generic knowledge that we already had. “Ah! So, that’s how that applies in this situation!”

So, we come to the importance of “re” and its link with Open Space.

I believe that Open Spaces are spaces of self-organised emergence. The emergence is the emergence of hidden potential out into the light of daily awareness. It bubbles up like a hot spring, or sometimes shoots out and up like a geyser, almost too hot to handle!

And when it does, it brings us to a point of RE-cognition.

Open Space is all about re-membering what we already knew, or have always known.

Many Open Space events bring us “back to the original place, again”. Note that. We have original thoughts, individually and together. And that originality is both new, and a form of gorgeous remembering at one and the same time.

Back to the Open Space Realm

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