100 Evocative Open Space Videos

Here are links to my favourite and essential videos of Open Space gatherings that, in different ways, evoke the mood, spirit and process of Open Space. I haven’t embedded them – you can just click on the links…

My favourite … here

Open Space Technology : Facilitation of a complex business issue – a silent movie with piano background, this gets to the essence of it

A longer video -with different examples from around the world

A very accessible intro

OST step by step

A slick description, a quick primer

A short, advertish montage – but gives a quick flavour

Art of Hosting’s clear overview of OS

An OS conference intro and another and another

OS at a government sponsored conference

An ordinary guy tells the story of OS

I like this one – it feels real and gritty

Open Space in 30 seconds!!!

Another evocative story/example and another here (upbeat!)

Another ponytailed facilitator

This is very clear and has a unclutteredness about it

A French example

Another nice visual example

A very dour, but descriptive video

A “talk” about what OS is

A slick video example

A photo slide show of an OS with music

An OS facilitated by Thomas Hermann

A very energetic video example

A brief intro to the law of two feet

A timelapse showing an OS and another

OS at the World Fringe Congress

Another evocative video case

Another OS conference example – gives a good flavour, lots of opinion

Shows an intro with audience in rows

Devoted and Disgruntled Roadshow – an example of open space

More will be added – please share your own!

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