Profile: Paul Levy


“The joy and the trouble with Paul is that he ALWAYS makes you question everything…I love. that.” Lin Grist

Paul Levy is the founder of CATS3000, a change and innovation company that helps people and organisations to realise potential and thrive. He’s worked with individuals and organisations all over the world for the last twenty years to challenge mediocrity, and to open space for change and transformation.

Paul is also a senior researcher at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management at Brighton Business School in the UK. He’s the author of several books, including “Technosophy” and Digital Inferno (based on his acclaimed blog, The Digital Inferno. He is also lead facilitator with the Social Media Leadership Forum. Recently he also started working with the Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum.

He’s also a director of Rational Madness Theatre – an award winning organisational theatre company that uses theatre to inspire and provoke change, transformation and innovation.

He’s a facilitator, trainer, writer, thinker and collusion breaker.

Paul Lives in Brighton in the UK.

CATS3000 offers learning, innovation, development and facilitation activities for individuals, organisations and communities all over the world.

We have recently worked in the UK, USA, Denmark, Ireland and Slovenia. We believe that healthful and successful living and working is based on overcoming wretched contentment and challenging the collusion of mediocrity.

Workshops, training and development, conversations and creative events, are all part of CATS3000’s portfolio of work with clients all over the world.