Insights from an Open Space on Open Space in London 2013

This Open Space on Open Space (OSonOs), took place at Lauderdale House in London, on May 20th 2013.


Notes to follow…

Listen to our audio digest 1:

Listen to our audio digest 2:

Jon Harvey opens the space is a very minimal way – about three minutes, the market place opens and, within ten minutes a full and vibrant programme starts to emerge.

Plenty of interest in:

– identifying themes in open space

– managing sessions in OS

– bringing open space into an conservative, industrial context

– different versions of open space

– creating a more connected online OS community (a COMMONity!)

– using OS in poor communities

– sharing what we’ve learned in OS over the years

– growing OS in the UK

– what can we do over the next

1046am…Led by Anne

François reporting on being a virtual participant at the WOSONOS2013 conference in Florida. Great to listen in, sound quality issues. Ability to link into a group on as laptop via Skype. Skype no it white the same as physical presence but still felt involved. But clunky. Affected the dynamic of the circle in the room. But Francois glad he did it.

Do virtual open space platforms really recreate open space virtually in a satisfying way ? Currently not for the people in this circle. Audio conferencing only can be more satisfying four some. The OS list doesn’t seem to cater for the whole community.

Is there an online platform that maintains the circle rather than creates linear threaded discussions ?

Idea: create an Open Space wiki ?
How do we meet the needs of a conservative industrial sponsor?

We explored the example of an open space for a pharmaceutical climate

Do we need to SW SW seed the idea of Open Space ? It will deliver ….X ?

Perhaps trust in the importance of the dialogue , the conversation and also not be prefixed on outcomes and actions. Trust the process of open space itself.

Annette: open space is not flaky – it is highly structured.

Open space often is driven by passion and often it is the geeks who are the most passionate !

How do you ensure senior experts don’t absent themselves ? – need for clear invite and theme

A shift towards a more systems approach to getting things done. Open space can get things done quicker and allows freer movement and flow of expertise

Other thoughts captured:

Open Space Technology needs to evolve. Is it getting a bit stale as a method?

Where does open space sit with other methods such as world cafe?

What’s the difference between Open Space Technology and Opening Space? Jon Harvey told a brilliant story of him sitting in his local cafe and putting up a sign saying “Open for Random Conversations”. And they happened and were great! He opened space!

Afternoon conversation …

Open Space is evolving.

People use it differently, adapt it but tend not to share those stories. There’s still a pull towards “classic” OST being the only way. Yet people thankfully do it in their own way and adapt up the needs of the moment.

There was interest in further looking at the link with other methods and approaches. We had a good description of Future Search – very different from OS.



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