Career Shifting


“This isn’t what I was meant to be doing”

CATS3000 offers a one-day workshop on career shifting.

Are you getting the itch to move on? Are you in a job or even career that you don’t feel you were born for? Have you drifted into a career path that feels just that – drifting?

Before you know it, you’ll be sixty and looking back with a “too late” realisation.

It can take boldness and courage to career shift – but people do it, and are glad they did. From office manager to photographer, even from undertaker to refuse collector. For some of us it needs to be a shift into something more complication and challenging. For others, we just wish we could be outside, doing something more basic and fundamental. The only importance in a job or career is the extent that it is important to us.

We can do a job sometimes out of necessity, and circumstances can make that the right thing to do. But I like is a longer story and our biography is ours to write with our choices and actions.

This workshop helps you decide:
– whether you need to career shift at all
– whether you are ready to shift career
– what your main paths and choices are
– how important career shifting is for you right now and when the right time might be

The workshop will help you to:
– examine your current biographical (life) path
– explore your “narrative thread” – the pattern running through your life that is unique to you
– identify your career panorama – the choices and opportunities that can help you look back over your life as a life fulfilled and satisfying
– understnad what is blocking you, and why, and what to do about it
– strengthen your will and step out of the tiredness that can come with being in the wrong career
– create a life story you’ll be proud of

The day is very hands on and challenging. It is ideal for people who…

– are unsatisfied with their current career and feel they have drifted onto the wrong life path
– have recently left an organisation and are looking for pastures new
– are bored and feel a lack of challenge in their current job or career path
– want to find a career that will help them make a difference in the world
– feel a bit “wretchedly content” – the job ticks all the boxes except one – what I was born to be

The workshop is a catalyst for change. It’s a day to step back, reflect and start to make some life significant choices, to embark on a new journey. It won’t necessarily be easy.


This workshop is available for booking for your business or organisation.

The  Facilitator


Drawing on over 20 years experience in coaching and mentoring, writer and facilitator Paul Levy will help you find out who you were really meant to be. Paul is a pioneer in the field of conscious business and is a senior researcher at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management. He’s the co-author of several books on change and development.

Contact us here for more information.

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