CATS3000 Clients


Over the past 15 years, CATS3000 has worked with clients and organisations from all over the world, in the private and public sector, from micro-business to large-scale organisations. Why? Mainly because our goal to unlock collusions of mediocrity focuses its energy wherever there is an authentic need. We address our services to real needs, occasionally inform but never advertise, and wait for the phone to ring, the email to arrive, or the Twitter to tweet. And the calls come in!

Current and past clients include:

Bowers and Wilkins (Leadership development)

Legal and General (Customer service training, organisational theatre, sustainable working, collusion breaking)

Eurotunnel (Theatre-based training, winner of the Arts & Business Insight Award)

Arts & Business (Organisational theatre, action learning, training sessions, consultancy

Allied Domecq (Theatre-based training and performance)

Gunwharf Quays (Customer service work, theatre-based training, nominated for an Arts & Business Award)

Creative Partnerships (Change Management, vision building, transition work)

Komedia (Customer service work, coaching, training and development, vision building)

Ericsson (various sites in Europe – diversity research, training, creative problem solving training)

HSBC (Digital working facilitation, diversity research and training)

National Housing Federation (Associate trainer, change management work, customer service work, keynote speaker at National Conference)

Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) (including work with Nokia, Sara Lee, BT, Kellogs,  JP Morgan Chase and many other Fortune 500 and FTSE100 organisations, as well as being Head of Interaction for IBF and inventor od IBF Live)

University of Brighton (Senior Researcher, as well as internal trainer and facilitator, change agent and open space facilitator for the Professoriat)

University of Warwick (Training sessions on Group Dynamics, and master class on Intranets and Digital Working)

University of Sussex (Leadership Development, Action Learning facilitation and design with leaders in social work; also open space conference and vision building work with SPRU – the Science Policy Research Unity

DEGW (Now Aecom) (Vision Building work)

Arts University of Bournemouth (Management training and development)

Babylon Slovenia (Management and Leadership Training in creativity, change, communication and negotiation)

Asia Business Forum, Singapore (Supply Chain Management and Total Quality work)

SterLing Slovenia (Leadership and management development and training, strategy work)

KRKA Slovenia (Leadership and management, innovation and change training in Pharmaceuticals)

The Broads Authority (Senior leadership coaching, large group facilitation)

East Sussex Fire Service (Return on Investment work)

National Health Service (Diversity training, organisational theatre work)

One Housing (Real tenant and customer care, leadership and conference design and facilitation)

New Writing South (Vision building and organisation development)

World Fringe Congress (Open Space facilitation)

Irish Health Service (Action learning, management development, training in management themes)

Banff Centre Canada (Organisational Theatre work)

Brighton and Hove City Council (Leadership Development, Senior Leadership coaching, vision building and facilitation with Regeneration, Business Development and Legal Services)

NATO (via University of Brighton) (Open Space conference and creation of a book on Technosophy)

AXA (Research and facilitation work on trust)

Novozymes Denmark (Leadership development, organisational theatre, collusion breaking work)

GN Netcom Denmark (Open Space conference and innovation work)

Coloplast Denmark (Organisational theatre performance and workshop on change)

Alt4Kreativ Denmark (Work on innovation and creativity)

Fanco Greece (Research and training on diversity)

and numerous others all over the world