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We offer a number of one or two-day training sessions in Conscious Business. Using our signature interactive style, each session offers a strong grounding in the core principles of conscious business practice, as well as an opportunity to directly relate theses principles to your own business or organisation. Practical activities, stories and cases combine with dialogue, reflection and debate. The sessions offer a chance to develop fresh knowledge and new skills in becoming a more conscious business


Workshop 1 – An Introduction to Conscious Business

This one-day primer is aimed at senior leaders and managers, change agents and conscious business practitioners who seek a basic grounding in Conscious Business. It is a highly interactive day and will allow participants to grasp the fundamentals of conscious business. What is a conscious business? How does a conscious business differ from a socially responsible business? What first steps do we need to take to become a more conscious business? What is the challenge for leaders?

The session takes a unique look at conscious business. This isn’t just about being socially responsible. How do we become a business that is highly aware – self-aware, internally and externally, able to respond in real time? How can we strengthen and sharpen our organisational senses – our ability to see what is out there and up ahead as well as look behind us and learn from our history? How can we listen better to our customers and stakeholders, closer to the present moment. Indeed, how can we be more present as a business, in all kinds of ways?

With stories and examples, some engaging ideas and the chance to link these to your own organisational and business context, the day offers a helicopter view, a strategic look at how conscious business can create a sustainable and authentic, highly performing organisation.

Workshop 2 – Conscious Business:: The Deep Dive

This is an action based two day session that really gets into the heart of what conscious business is all about. There will be a chance to begin an initial internal conscious business audit for your organisation or business and find out where specific areas of lowered consciousness exist. Where is our organisation asleep? How can it sense better, internally and externally. These two days will be challenging and very hands-on, drawing on the CATS3000 Conscious Business Audit as well as notions of business toxicity, sleep states and improving organisational awareness. Stories and examples, models and activities all blend into a process of deep dialogue, practical reflection and action learning.

There are many ideas and theories about what defines a conscious business. We synthesise them all and the session offers an essential look at the critical ideas that underpin conscious business. How do organisations fall asleep? How do we develop blind spots, internally and externally? How does an organisation sense its internal and external world (as a human being does)? How can we extend our consciousness to take in more needed data and knowledge? How can we reflect and learn more objectively? How does a business develop a clearer, more understood and shared purpose? How does being a more conscious business translate into being a more successful and sustainable one?

This is a session examining how a business can become a better thinking, feeling and doing organisation. By the end you’ll have a set of priorities and next steps to take back to base to raise the quality of your business or organisation’s consciousness. You’ll be on the road to realising in practice the core approach of Conscious Business.

Workshop 3 – Conscious Business Leadership

Focused specifically on a leadership team, a board of directors, or a change management team, this one or two-day session will shine a light on how to behave as, and become a conscious business leader. We’ll apply key ideas and approaches in the field of conscious business to you, as a leader, identifying where your quality of business consciousness may be weaker and how to personally and professionally develop a conscious approach to leadership. We’ll look at leadership bias and subjectivity, the role of self-awareness and how to observe motives in real-time. This will be a personally challenging session, offering fresh insights as well as occasional moments of discomfort aimed at personal improvement and developing the core competences required to be a conscious business leader. We’ll also look at how a conscious business leadership team works collaboratively to bring about a more conscious business or organisation. Challenging activities, stories and cases, this is a bold, deep dive for leaders.

Workshop 4 – Developing a Conscious Supply Chain

Drawing on his own research into conscious business and supply chain management, Paul will lead participants through a practical look at how the concept of conscious business can be effectively applied right along the supply chain. Interdependence can be an opportunity for raised awareness, but can also create a kind of viral complacency as long-term contracts create collusions of mediocrity, and short-term approaches create biased insecurity. This one or two-day session, which ideally includes two or more partners in the same supply chain (buyers AND suppliers) looks at mindful supply chain management and how sharing of “sense-data”, as well as shared learning and deep dialogue can create more effective and even leaner supply chains. We’ll use a specific tool called the “Perception Matrix” and participants will get the chance to use their own supply chain as a live case study, leaving the session with a much clearer pathway towards create a more conscious supply chain. This session offers a refreshingly new approach to supply chain management

Workshop 5 – Conscious Business People

This workshop looks at the employees in a conscious business. What is the underlying culture of a conscious business? Ideal for Human Resources Leaders, Managers and anyone leading groups and teams of people, this session explores the practical steps needed to become a conscious business that manages and leads its people “consciously”. What awareness do we lack when our staff feel ill-used, manipulated, mistrusted or undervalued? A conscious business manages its people in a way that should awareness, sensitivity and emotional skill and intelligence. Our human resource base are an internal and external sense organ for the business. A conscious business enables and empowers flow of needed communication; it in an organisation in a skilled and aware conversation with itself and its external partners and stakeholders. This session draws on examples, stories, and practical exercises looking at how we “wake up” from complacency, deal consciously with conflict, uncertainty, motivation and performance enhancement. Often challenging the session will allow you to identify where and how things need to change in order to become a people-focused conscious business.

Workshop 6 – Developing a Conscious Small Business

Aimed at owners and leaders of small businesses, this one day session will open the door to becoming a more conscious business. More able to sense internally and externally, more in-touch with opportunities, pain points and potential areas for improvement, the session is very hands-on, drawing on the core concepts of conscious business and applying them to your business. You’ll find yourself waking up to what you are asleep to in your business organisation and environment, you’ll get a clearer sense of direction and an approach that will be more sustainable. A successful small business is more aware and able to remain awake and fresh to new ideas and to change, even as the day-to-day routine claims reactive attention. In this session, you’ll learn how to put in place, “awareness” processes that keep the business proactive and alert. You’ll possibly re-prioritise and also identify some key changes you need to make internally in order to truly become a conscious small business.

About the Conscious Business Trainer

The session leader, Paul Levy, is the creator of the CATS3000 Conscious Business audit, is an active member of Conscious Business UK, a senior researcher at the University of Brighton, and the author of several books in the field of business, leadership and organisational change. His latest book, Learning to Dance with Spiders: Stepping Consciously in the Digital Inferno, will be published in Spring 2014.

We also work with leading associates in the conscious business field and partner with them when this enhances the training we offer.

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To find out more and to book a training session contact Paul Levy at, telephone +44(0)7932768980.

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