What are we here for?


This quote is a reminder to leaders of organisations and communities of their essential role. Leaders need to be connected but also their role is to hold the overview, which requires a level of detachment on behalf of the community or organisation they are leading. Leaders need to be involved and to identify and create common ground between different groups, teams, functions and even organisations. Where there is common ground, there can be collaboration. Leaders ensure that resources are used cooperatively and should see their role as one of stewardship not ownership. Leaders can offer feedback and insight from their unique perspective of overview. Reflection enables learning.

The quote also works at a personal level as well. When we connect with others we can gain insight from them and also offer them our own input and support. As a result we can be more together than separately. But that connection mustn’t become addictive, nor possessive. We serve others better when we are out our personal best for them, so we must not lose ourselves in the process. A balance can be found when we cooperate with others – a balance where we never take over for the sake of taking over. Domination can disempower, yet where we share skills, knowledge and experience, we can achieve more in a team than individually. Yet, in a group or a team, we need not lose ourselves.

Sharing is about ensuring that our resources are located in the places and with the people that support our common goals and visions. And when we offer each other the insight from our unique place in the world, we can reflect back helpfully without need to bully, attack nor undermine.

Community arises when each person’s virtues are allowed expression among the whole, and where each individual holds the whole inside of them as a valued and precious thing. Then we achieve synergy.

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