A One to One Radical Shake Up


A One to One Radical Shake Up is the opportunity to make some revolutionary changes in your life.

It’s a coaching process based on conversation. These conversations create a dialogue that represents a deep dive into your life so far – where you’ve come from, where you are in the present, and where you are heading. Coaching is a form of guided conversation.

The coach offers challenging and helpful questions, focused advice and questions your assumptions. The coach, through discussion, helps you become more aware of yourself, more conscious, more free in and mobile in your thinking, feeling and behaving. The coach skilfully and carefully takes you into zone of discomfort and helps you bring about the radical shake up you may need.

You’re on a line of time, and no one’s life is exactly like yours.

The life you live on that time line can involve more or less freedom, more or less consciousness, more or less fulfilment, based on the quality of choices you make; how you respond, the impulses you create and are influenced by. Your life is your biography, your story, and it is yours to creatively and consciously Influence.

Sometimes that story begins to emerge as one you wish was different. Then it can time for a radical shake up. This involves:

– a deep look at your assumptions about your life, your motivation and the impulses that are impacting daily on your self of self and the actions you take

– a where your actions have created blockages, taken you along routes that have had negative consequences, where you feel lost or off track.

– starting to recognise your uniqueness, the story that makes you different from everyone else; uncovering the real purpose for you being here

– taking new steps and making possible radical changes to your life

The process involves three steps. You can take the first step, the first and second, or all three steps with help from us.

The three steps:

STEP 1 is the Conscious Deep Dive

STEP 2 is the Radical Rethink

STEP 3 is the Radical Change

The process is based on a series of one to one conversations with a coach/mentor who will guide you through the often powerful and difficult questions you’ll ask as you get to the root of why the shake up is needing. What for should it take. Throughout the process, influences in your life which are compromising and limiting your freedom are identified and the coach takes the role of a skilled helper and guide, but the final choices and decisions are yours.

Sometimes the conscious look in the mirror reflects back shocking images, at least at first. We all go off track for different reasons. Even the track itself is a limiting metaphor. Sometimes we just loves ourselves in life. This is a process for creating a meaningful story, the life you really want to live.

Step 1 involves asking a lot of questions about our life from different points of view and finding out the often hidden assumptions that have led us to behaviour the way we have so far in our life. What really is motivating or “moving” us? This goes beyond psychology into a view of life being a real story, one in which we are a primary author. We have more influence over some aspects of our life than we think and we can get lost in a kind of compulsive reaction to whatever “hits us” in life. Soon we lose all belief that we have a real “thread of meaning” in our lives. We forget we are a longer story. Step 1 will reconnect you with that story.

Step 2 involves create some new impulses in our life, this time, ones we are conscious of. We identify the real constraints and identify the thread of meaning that will create a story of our life we’d be proud to be the main part of. Step 2 is a radical rethink – we steer clear of jargon and colluding with mediocrity – we skilfully and sensitively head into the zone of discomfort – we’ll go through the pain together in dialogue, not around it, but there’ll always be an opportunity to stop, breathe, or even retreat from the threshold. Because that is what Step 2 is all about – finding and stepping towards the real, conscious threshold of change and personal revolution – and doing it fully awake and freely.

Step 3 takes as long as it takes and may involve identifying new sources of help and support, or you may need to take the step alone, or in your own community and support networks. For step 3 is when we cross the threshold of change, taking real action and regularly revisiting steps 1 and 2 along the way. Step 3 is about taking hold of our own story and freely and consciously crafting it. Our biography becomes more our own and we are more aware than ever of our deepest motives in life. Our life story is unique, and a core purpose it to let its potential unfold and realise.

Are you ready for a radical shake up?

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