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Paul Levy and Pete Burden share their reflections and experiences from the MIT Conference Workshop on Management and Innovative Technologies in Fiesa, Slovenia, 28th-30th September 2014

Day Minus 1 – Saturday 27th September 2014

The Luggage of History – Arrivals

photo (2)








We are seeking newness – not for its own sake, but for the sake of a fresh look at business and organisational life. The metaphor of hierarchy isn’t helping us to imagine different ways of being and working together. When hierarchy is emergent, rooted in a needed context, it has an often vital role; as a habitual default, it becomes a clunky dogma.

We take our baggage with is, wherever we travel, yet some of us travel more lightly than others. Pete has hand baggage only. Paul’s bag was in the hold and we had to wait for it before he moved on.

Either way, we lug it behind us. Better on wheels, than over our backs…

More to come.

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