Some of my quotes, collected

Someone asked if there was a collection of quotes from my various writings. Well here’s quite a few of them. Some are from articles I have written on Life, others from my writings on theatre and also on business.
“How many versions of yourself must you create before you are satisfied with the original?”
“You have sat at the table of possibility and refused, making the excuse of a diet.”
“We become eloquent after-dinner speakers at the banquet of our own pain”
“There can be no river unless the mountain spring makes a sacred promise to the sea”
“If you know when to stop you never give your heart to the journey”
“It is no bad thing earning a living; but it is a bad thing earning a living death.”
“Sometimes you have to achieve perfection in order to enjoy a run downhill”
“Competitiveness is a form of cowardice. Cooperation requires far more courage than competition.”
“I was once told that my romantic poetry is like porn without the sex”
“The Awesome Reality of the Now need give no Notice”
“Just as the New Year can bring new resolutions, so can we renew ourselves in each waking and sleeping moment”
“Self-neglect is a kind of spiritual vanity”
“All that your protections do is shut you in.”
“You cannot throw a head solution at a heart problem.”
“Data alone will never solve a moral problem.”
“The paradox is clear. The solution to almost all of industry’s organisational problems involves a number of senior managers designing themselves out of the process.”
“If you frame it as a problem, then it has to be solved. If you frame it as a question, it has to be answered. If you frame it as an adventure, it has to be explored!”
“An organisation is not really structured to carry the enormous amount and variety of personal anger simmering in many of its employees.”
“Cost-cutting is rarely a sign of good management. It is, more often, a sign of fear”
“Life is a rollercoaster in a seedy fairground – rarely checked for safety, in need of repair, over priced, but still gorgeously exciting, despite the ups and downs, the twists and turns, always better to share a car with another.”
“If a pigeon poops on your head, it’s a sign of good luck; if you poop on a pigeon’s head, its cruelty to animals. Lesson: Do not Poop unto others as you would have them poop unto you.”
“On most days at certain times, there are moments of flow. They are like portals which open up for usually a short time into your creative source. Learn to recognise those moments and to surf that flow.”
“There comes a point in our history where every truly freethinking man must stand up in his local supermarket and be discounted.”
“Knowing your options always strengthens your choices“
“The best thing we can ever do in life is to constantly drop the theories we have about other people.”
“Within madness lie the seeds of a new wisdom”
Money is NOT the goal of business. It is the pleasant side effect of a genuine and applied passion for creativity and innovation, a restlessness to make the world a better place.
“If it is true that business stinks, as a consultant, make sure that you don’t end up only acting as an air freshener. “
“Find Normality – and never let it go – normality is more precious than gold, quicker than light – and if you make a love of adventure a “normal” thing in your life – then your life can only bloom.“
“Don’t put your love in a jam jar. Put it in a cauldron”
“Simplicity is the path to true variety”
“The best education is to teach people to laugh at themselves before they laugh at others, to celebrate others AND to celebrate themself, and to recognise the good in the bad, and the bad in lying.”
“Unless we build a living bridge between art and industry, between science and spirituality, between rationality and chaos, we are heading for an anticlimactic and thoroughly disappointing oblivion.”
Sometimes we play our roles too well. We sink into the costume and confuse it for flesh. We feel the make-up too keenly and believe it to be skin. We step clownishly upon the stage of Earth and scowl, frustrated at this clumsy Mummers Play we called Life – wishing, on the one hand, for a better part, or a clearer, more inspiring script and, on the other hand, for the agility and skill to improvise the unfolding story. Yet we are here for our part is vital to the performance we call The Universal Love.
“Walking away can be a gift realised only later”
“We’ve suppressed our honesty for so long that, when we do open the trap door, is it surprising that is the complaints that erupt upwards first?”
“Many training courses simply spend entire days arriving at a set of learning
objectives for ‘next time’ that should have been patently obvious from the start.”
“The emergent property of most rational organisational life is something cold and unforgiving.”
“Let the world that gave birth to you profit from your profitability.”
“The involutionary organisation treats waste as a learning opportunity.”
“Involutionary organisations breathe in the responses to their output.”
“An organisation is not really structured to carry the enormous amount and variety of personal anger simmering in many of its employees.”
“Cost-cutting is rarely a sign of good management. It is, more often, a sign of fear.”
“We realise ourselves through those around us. They speak to us through our questions of them.”
“Find love. But don’t seek it in a template. Seek it by letting it find you as an open book to its pen.”

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