Are you ready for an Unconference?


This is a short, direct and cheeky checklist to help you decide if you are ready to go for an unconference. If you tick most of the items, an unconference might well be your next step

The Unconference Readiness Checklist

The Unconference Readiness Checklist

Our conference last year was a day of boredom

People left at lunchtime at our last conference because the content wasn’t relevant or engaging for them

We need a conversation that people really feel ownership of

We can’t predict what people are going to want to talk about

We need to refresh our next conference

We want to energise the conversation

We are prepared to risk not knowing the agenda at our next conference

We think that the people in the room need to create the agenda

We want to empower our staff

People in our organisation are tired of being presented to

We need an event where people can explore what they are passionate or restless about

People are cynical about our current ways of meeting

An unconference will make a refreshing change to our usual way of meeting

It’s time to do things differently

People are ready for a conversation on this topic

There is support for this from senior managers and an openness to listen to and embrace what might come out if it

We need to respond more quickly to what is going on in and outside our organisation

We need Ā more creative buzz in our organisation

We need tp practice less top down ways of communicating

Our last conference felt too complex and over-designed

It’s time to breathe some fresh air into our organisation


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