Unconferencing Links and Resources

This is my list of articles and resources about unconferencing in the public domain.

(For specific resources on Open Space Technology, visit the Open Space Realm.)

For organisers and facilitators

10 Top Tips for Unplanning the Perfect Unconference from Ewan McIntosh

Go with the Flow: How to Unconference Your Conference by Ellie Young

The Guide to Running a Successful Connected Educator UnConference

How do you organize an unconference?

How to run a great unconference session by Scott Berkun

How To Facilitate A Barcamp/Unconference

How to run an unconference

How to run an unconference: 20 useful online resources – useful links page from Michael Nielsen

Improving unconferences by Scott Berkun

Planning an unconference – a Prezzi slide show

Running an unconference – top tips, by Simon Hettrick

Taking an Unconference apporach to your next meeting – advice from Meetings Imagined, applied to all kinds of meeting

Tips for Unconference newbies by Andy Mabbett

Unconferences: How to Tap into the Power Of Your People

VIDEO: Unconference Tips

What happens when you bring a conference mindset to an unconference? – my own view of how not to do a real unconference

For attendees and participants

unConferencing – how to prepare to attend an unconference by Kaliya Hamlin from Unconference.net

I’ll be adding more resources and links. Please share your own and I will include them.

Visit the Unconference Realm

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