100 Links to Unconference Images


Here are links to a range of unconference images to be found in the public domain. They all give a different perspective and flavour of unconferencing.

I’ll try to keep the list up to date, as links can go dead after a while. Please do add your own and I’ll include them.

Images of Unconferences in action

Co-creating the agenda

Signing up for sessions

A more formal space – we can still create agendas together

Unconferences can have a very informal feel

An opening circle, another, another

We can use found spaces to meet together

An unconference “half circle”

Too many unconferences still focus on a top table and a projector

A huge unconference and another here

Meeting round the table

The simple circle of chairs – it’s all you need!

We can open the circle outdoors – and here too

A very well designed unconference space (using Open Space as a method)

Spaces can open for a conversation anywhere

A small circle of chairs – how to claim a formal room for an unconference

You don’t even need chairs!

A well signposted breakout group

Unconference agendas

This agenda uses post it notes for sessions and for signing up to attend

A well laid out agenda

Multi-coloured and very informal agenda

Handwritten, home-made feel

A simple, single colour agenda

Another agenda

An agenda that has been co-created in advance of the event

A pre-designed empty agenda looks smart but can reduce the feeling of empowerment on the day

Write ups and reports

A lovely blackboard, graphic write up of an unconference

Use of graphic illustration to record an unconference

Some cartoons about unconferencing

About the purpose of an unconference

About the spirit of “un” in an unconference

Logos, signs and symbols

(Please ensure you seek relevant permission from the owners of these signs before using any of them)

Post-it logo

A little unconference equation

A conference no entry sign and another here

An unconference logo using the London Underground as a sign

The “unrules” of an unconference – also here

A bold invite

An evocative invite

Another invite/flyer using social media style graphics

A pitch for unconferences

A stock photo style image for an unconference – yeuch!

A definition graphic

A lovely circle image 

This one focuses on “un”

Flip charts rather than projector screens

A graphic linking collaboration with unconferencing

An example of an invitation

Checking in to an unconference – this looks too organised for me!

Visit the Unconference Realm

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