Conversation and Listening in Groups



When groups meet they engaged in different types of conversation. Conversation in groups as all about skilfully listening and speaking. Here are four things to remember when engaged in a conversation with others.

Listen in order to understand their views

Play back to check your understanding

Inquire into their position

Voice your own position and views assertively

(Source: Bob Thomson, University of Warwick)



There are different levels of listening. In an effective group, we listen in order to understand. Active listening involves calming our own “Inner voice” and really “giving” our attention to the other person. How well can you do that?

Some resources on listening

Some very useful tips of how to skilfully listen.

An article on tuning in to others in order to listen more effectively (from the Wall Street Journal)

Ten Steps to Effective Listening (from Forbes Magazine)

An interesting article aimed at teaching staff at university on hoe to get students to listen more effectively!

An academic journal article about listening skill for communicating in teams (from  The International Journal of Communication)

Here are 6 Listening Skills Exercises To Promote Stronger Communication

Visit the Group Dynamics Resource Page

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