A rather different Impro warm up



Needed – some large paper (perhaps flipchart paper), pens or crayons)

A group of 3 to 5 people.

Put the paper on the floor, give everyone a pen or crayon and ask them to gather around a large piece of paper.

Touch each person on the shoulder and allocate them one of the following each:

– circle
– square
– line
– dot
– squiggle (a chaotic line)

Then say “start”!

The exercise can have as many rounds as you like. Start with 3 rounds and then stop, look at the pictures and share a bit of discussion.

Once the exercise starts, in each round, at any time (even at the same time as someone else), each person draws their allocated form onto the paper – as small or big as they like.

In one variation of the exercise they can do it only once; in a second version, as many time as they like until a round is over. A round is over when the facilitator says stop or when everyone has drawn (or decided not to).


A lot of dynamics are played out here and the resulting pictures can tell a lot about:
– who was plotting and scheming
– who was improvising alone
– who was reacting and responding to others
– who was collaborating or drawing inspiration from others
– who had developed rapport
– who was being constructive or destructive
– who was in an abstract space and who was “designing”


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