Debriefing Your Group


When a group has been established for a while it can be useful to stp back and reflect onhow the group is progressing. We meet for an hour or so and work through some questions. Below is a list of questions that can help your group to reflect on its development and how well it is performing as a group. Some questions around cultural difference and diversity are also included

Group Debrief Check list

Group Discipline

How we organised are we as a group?

How efficient are our meetings?

How well do we communicate between meetings?

Do we have ground rules that we stick to that help us work consistently and effectively?

How well do we record actions arising from group meetings/ How effectively are we administrating our group?

Are we using a common communications platform and how well is it working ? (E.g. A closed Facebook Group or a Slack Group)

Group Decision Making and Leadership

How effective is our group decision making?

How do we manage conflict and differences of opinion?

Are we using leadership as well as we could? Is one person making all of the decisions or is everyone involved?

Has anyone dominated the group – how have you dealt with that?

How does your group let leaders emerge as needed?

How do we ensure all views are heard?

Group Performance

Are we getting the results that we should be getting and, if not, why not?

Are we using good time and project management? Are we using any project management tools?

Are we prioritising time and tasks effectively?

Are we leaving things until the last minute or working proactively and in a balanced way?

Do we take time to reflect on what we have and haven’t achieved?

Are we using technology as well as we could to optimise our performance as a group?

Are we learning from our mistakes and building on success?

Is everyone pulling their weight? Are their any free riders? How are we dealing with that?

Group Mood and Morale

Is the group in a positive frame of mind? What is the atmosphere like in the group?

Is the group stressed? How do we deal with stress?

What’s the group motivation like? What causes it to fall and how to we lift the level of motivation?

Do we celebrate success and socialise appropriately to build the team spirit in our group?

How are you dealing with disrespectful behaviours, lateness and regular absence from meetings, as well as people under-performing?

Is there collusion in the group; do you avoid saying how you feel? How do difficult issues get raised and discussed?

Group Diversity

Are difference respected and tapped into in our group?

How do we deal with the different cultural backgrounds, values and perspectives represented in our group?

Do we talk openly about our differences and our commonalities?

Are we making best use of different language capabilities in our group e.g. when we do online research internationally?

Are there any issues with gender or age differences and are we dealing with those well? What different assumptions and habits in out group affect this?

Group Improvement

Think of examples of when the group was at its strongest and when it was at its weakest. Share those examples in your group and discuss how the strengths can become more consistently present.

What does our group look and feel like when we are performing at our best?
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