Finding Our Connection – A Simple Applied Improvisation Activity



This is a very simple and powerful activity for people who don’t think they know each other. You might have played a version of it before, though not in this exact context. It’s really just a conversation exercise and can work well in small groups, but also with a group working the activity in front of everyone else in the room as an audience. It’s about making connections, finding links, common ground and overlap between people.

How it Works

Groups of 4-5 people sit in a circle and converse with each other. The purpose is to find people in the world that everyone in the group also knows and, ideally, has met.

It can be amazing to discover the “degrees of separation” in idea revealing itself in the conversation. We may even reveal mutual relatives. Also look for places we’ve all been to, organisations we may all have worked at, bands we all share a like of, etc. We discover as much common ground as possible, but make sure we do focus on seeing if we ALL know the same person.

Run the activity for 15-20 minutes.


How do we make connections between each other?

What types of common ground do we all share?

How did it feel when we discovered common ground?

How useful is it to discover common ground and overlaps between people?


There’s also a version of this activity where we make up the connections as fiction! We hold a fictional conversation, we can even assume fictional personalities, names etc. Here the fun can be added of play and drama. It can be performed as a short scene in front of the rest of the group as we try to discover what we all have in common. Yes, and… comes into play here.

We can also mix both versions of the activity, where one or two people are making it all up, and we try toi discover common ground and also who is real and who is acting!


Visit the Applied Improvisation Zone

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