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Academic Writing Skills Resources

Welcome to the academic writing skills resource page. Here you’ll find links to useful resources and activities for the academic writing skills sessions run by Paul Levy.

A useful writing checklist

Different styles of writing

Your introduction

Writing an introduction and here’s a sample introduction


The Body an an Essay

Writing the body of an assignment or essay (Try two activities)

a) The title and wording of the assignment (whether it is your own, negotiated with the tutor- or one that has been given to you).

b) The statement of intent that you write in the introduction, based on the title.

Once you have dealt with the above two elements, the main body of the assignment probably then serves to do at least two things:

a) Demonstrate/show your knowledge of the topic, by including relevant evidence;

b) Analyse/evaluate the evidence you have gathered.

Referencing your work

Referencing – Resources and guidelines

In-text referencing (what you write IN your essay)

List of References (what you write AT THE END of your essay)

Internet References

Notes and Footnotes

Recommended Reading

Some recommended books on academic writing

Other useful links and resources

A free online thesaurus

How to overcome writers’ block – a good set of tips

How to structure an essay

According to Kathy Livingston’s Guide to Writing a Basic Essay, there are seven steps to writing a successful essay:
  1. Pick a topic. …
  2. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. …
  3. Write your thesis statement. …
  4. Write the body. …
  5. Write the introduction. …
  6. Write the conclusion. …
  7. Add the finishing touches.

An explanation of objectivity and subjectivity in writing

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