Assertiveness Skills









Welcome to the Assertiveness Skills page.

Here you can find resources and links to help you become more assertive.

Whether at work, at home, socialising with friends, at college or online, assertiveness is a key skill. This is a loud, often competitive world, and being able to be heard, to assert yourself is an important way to be happy and effective.

Assertiveness isn’t about being loud, it isn’t the same as aggression, and it isn’t about winning. Assertiveness is about being direct, open, and true to yourself and others. Assertiveness places you in the world on equal terms with others. If you are shy or introvert in your personality, being assertive doesn’t mean you have to start shouting. It is possible to be quietly assertive and that can be as effective as asserting yourself through a forceful voice or gestures. We are all different, and each of us will be assertive in unique ways.

“When we practice assertiveness, we improve our self esteem and confidence. By being assertive you are helping other people to do the same. Read through the following assertiveness quotes to help you to become more assertive in your daily life.”

“The only healthy communication style is assertive communication”. Jim Rohn

Useful links

A good overview from University of Warwick

A good introduction to Assertiveness from GetSelfHelp and another good intro here

An online guide to being assertive

Some useful tips on being more assertive

Five tips for being assertive from a psychologist. And 5 tips from a coach.

A good list of ten tips for being more assertive.

Some specific advice for students (from Oxford Brookes University)

Do students need to be more assertive? An article from The Guardian

Some assertiveness techniques and exercises

An excellent online course in assertiveness from the Centre for Clinical Interventions

Ten Guilt-free ways to say No – how to be assertive when saying no

How to say No at work – some simple, visually presented tips from Forbes

A Shy Person’s Guide to being  heard in a group – very helpful tips for shy and introvert people

More advice for quieter people about being heard in a group

A questionnaire to assess how assertive you are

12 aspects of assertive behaviour – a helpful list

Some assertiveness scenarios with advice

Read more quotes on assertiveness here


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