Critical Thinking Skills








Welcome to the Critical Thinking Skills Page.

Here you will find resources and links for developing your skills as a critical thinker in life, in work, in research.

Being able to think critically is an important skill in your personal and working life. Being able to understand the world as objectively and possible involves asking questions, challenging assumptions (our own and other peoples’) and becoming aware of different points of view, the quality and vaidity of information and the fallacies of thinking we can fall into.

Critical thinkers are more aware – of the world around them and of themselves. Critical thinkers seek different perspectives and to come closer to truth. There are many different approaches to critical thinking and it is a skill we can develop and practise.

Useful links

What is critical thinking? A good definition from Hong Kong University

Critical thinking skills defined and how to development – useful article from the Thinker Academy

A useful diagram of the critical thinking process

Some useful tips for critical thinking

Watch this TED talk offering 5 Tips for Improving Critical Thinking

Nine strategies for critical thinking in everyday life – a helpful article

An article on learning the art of critical thinking

An outline of six basic critical thinking skills. And six exercises to strengthen them.

Some exercises to improve critical thinking skills.

Some critical thinking activities to get you started. And here are fifty more activities for practising critical thinking.

7 Puzzles to challenge your critical thinking

An informative interview with an expert on critical thinking  (and some of his research into critical thinking)

Some quotes on critical thinking
An online quiz  to test your critical thinking

The Harvard Guide to evaluating sources 

Evaluating the quality and credibility of sources of information

Evaluating research and academic sources

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