Where should we meet as a group?

Over the years I’ve observed many groups in organisations and communities.

The more effective and higher performing groups ate smart and skillful in terms of where and how they meet.

Some groups perform well by meeting more informally. However, people from different part of the world and from different cultures have different cultural expectations about meeting etiquette. Some people prefer to meet around the cafe table, others see group projects as being better suited to formal meeting rooms. From the start of a group project it is useful to share these assumptions and expectations openly.

That said, a very formal meeting room with no natural light might not be the best place for a group to think creatively. Equally, if there is a presentation to rehearse which will eventually be delivered in a conference room, then a conference room might be the best place for a group to meet and rehearse it.

Be flexible and choose meeting places that best suit the kind of work the group is doing.

Here are a few more tips about where groups should meet that I’ve gathered together in recent year…

Visit the Group Dyanmics page

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