Feedback – What Participants Say About the Working in Teams Sessions






Here are just a few of the comments that participants shared in 2017 at Warwick Business School about the Working in Teams Sessions…

“Incredibly insightful. They should have these sessions for every fresher cohort.”

“Great session! It really helped me in understanding group dynamics! While I am more of a leader by nature, my group included two more “natural leaders” which meant that two of us had to back down a little bit. Really helped to show what teamwork really means and that it takes teamwork to succeed, not just a leader.

“Thank you for the interesting workshop.”

“This is the first event that I have attended that has really got me excited to start my course. I normally dislike things like this because I like many others have not had the best group experiences, particularly in my academic career. However, I think having this session on our course right at the start will serve to change my opinion of group work, provided that everyone works to follow the ideas you have given us. I wish something like this was provided more, especially as I think back on my operations management experience when working with very diverse teams. I think the benefits of it are invaluable.”

“Your message about inclusivity and putting one’s ego aside when interacting with other members of a group was a valuable takeaway from the session. Could you include a little more info about how interaction takes place in different cultures in your future sessions?”

“I loved the session, which was different from those traditional classes. I firmly agree to the viewpoint about ADVOCACY and INQUIRY! Anyway, thanks for your session!”

“Mr. Paul Levy provided great teaching for improving our soft skills in team-working! The exercises in the team skills session allowed us to experience how to cope better in order to have productive team work through focusing on the tasks as a team, listening carefully to others, gathering team members’ thoughts, understanding one another’s culture, setting team ground rules and so on. I especially enjoyed the group activity of remembering the name of new friends, whom we have just heard their names said twice, while each person cannot say one’s own names. Therefore, we learnt everyones’ name by asking through another person. It was my first time I felt I could remember numerous peoples’ names in such a short period of time. This activity teaches us that we learn a great deal from inquiring others with questions, instead of just advocating with our own voice. I believe that by following what we have learnt at the workshop, we will have the skills needed to succeed in teamwork!”

“It was an icebreaker and with all the laughing that we had, everything just clicked. Would absolutely recommend it to everyone.”

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