The Turnaround Away Day


The Unique and Vital Away Day

The organisation is in crisis. Things are not going well. Finances are in a poor state. Sales have hit a continued downward roll. There’s a stress and there are quality problems. Products or service are failing in the market place. There’s been a PR disaster. We are stuck in a rut. We are running out of resources. We are running out of options. We are out of ideas.

The Turnaround Away Day isn’t an easy day, but it makes a real, sincere and energised push towards action – action that will take a bad situation and start to put it on the road to better. Turning around a nightmare involves waking up, sometimes while trapped in the dream. We’ll need to call things by their real name. We’ll need to move on from the past but not be afraid to learn the hard lessons and harvest whatever we can. We’ll need to risk argument, disagreement, and we will have to find a consensus on the way forward. And consensus is a grown up thing. Those who aren’t in will need to vote truthfully with their two feet. Those who are in will need to commit – fully and authentically.

It’s about seeing where we have come from and how to got to where we are now. Then it’s about gathering what we can, dropping what we truly don’t need, then making space for action in the Now and the Future.

It takes the form of a grown up conversation, facilitated, emergent, but also focused on where we will need to go next. We’ll identify those actions that maximise our chances of a enduring and do-able turnaround.

We may have to break a collusion of mediocrity, exorcise a few ghosts, get passionate and angry, and also drop our egos where they are hindering not helping. We’ll try to use every spare ounce of remaining resource to create a potent brew of change, innovation and commitment.

Actions plans that do not sit in reports in drawers, or fading on flip charts. Actions anchored in a real and realisable strategy. Actions anchored in time, deadline, committed resources and shared, open consequences of non-delivery.

We’ll ditch teamwork in favour of a passionate group  – community of real change.

We’ll open with the past, then move on. We won’t dream unless those dreams inspire us to action. We’ll look for synergy, authenticity and a collective conversation that feels quicker than light, and loaded with a value that motivates us to get rid of the dark situation, and to turn it to something lighter, better and healthier.

Getting hold of spiralling costs, re-thinking our products and services, reshaping the strategy and the organisation. Reforging partnerships. Finding newness and dumping the crumbling, rusty and unneeded old.

We’ll do it with deep decency, skilled humanity and it will be as exciting as it is frightening. A highly skilled, facilitated process. A day, or perhaps two. The top team, or perhaps the whole organisation.

A day to die. A day to live again. A day to become a more conscious organisation.

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