A Checklist for Workshop Activities

I developed this  checklist of questions  for designing a workshop activity. There are loads of questions one could ask and there’s a danger of over-preparing and over-analysing. So, I’d suggest, focusing on the questions which feel intuitively most relevant, which make you most creatively “restless”.

what are the aims of the activity ?
what role does the activity assume in the whole event?
why are you really doing it ?

what should participants get, as a minimum, out of the activity ?

what learning points/outcomes will be generated ?

do there need to be outcomes at all?

what kind of feedback are you looking for ?

how long will it last ?
what is the shortest time it could be squeezed to ?
how long could it take if needed ?
how much time variation is inherent in its design ?

where does it/should it come in the event timetable ?
what does it follow on from ?
what does it lead into ?
how well does it link with previous and follow up activities ?

what paper materials are needed ?
what writing materials are needed ?
what handouts are required ?
what sticking materials are needed ?
what other materials are needed ?

what room layout is needed ?
how many rooms ?
are extra chairs and tables needed ?
what equipment is needed ?
is an audio/visual sound system needed ?
what can you do without if you have to ?

how many facilitators are needed ?
what skills do they need ?

who could run this if you were unable to be there?
is pre-briefing of facilitators necessary ?
is de-briefing arranged ?

what “things” do you need?
what could go wrong ?
have you checked out the venue in advanced ?
what materials need to be pre-prepared ?

I would print this checklist off and use it on the day if you feel you need a reminder of the key elements in your chosen activity.

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