Further Quotes from … yours truly

 I usually collect these together for my own reference. But here they are for you to make use of if you want…

“Thoughts are to thinking, as ice is to water.”

“Dump the scripts. Go on, risk making it up.”

“Vulnerability is a much underestimated strength.”

“The pen is mightier than the pixel.”

“It may look like a clever decision on paper; it may look like a smart decision in committee; but it may well turn out to be the dumbest move you ever made when that decision meet’s Reality’s heart.”

“Shadows are sunshine to a demon.”

“Actually, there’s probably one less thing you need to do today, not one more.”

“My emotional landscape is peppered with cosy log cabins and welcoming cafes. Oh, and a volcano the size of Greenland.”

“The real problem with management is that it has become overloaded and suffocated with managers.”

“If you keep changing your future plans and wishes in the light of a changing present, you’ll forget to change your present in the light of your future plans and wishes (which is far more important).”

“Those who sit on the sidelines rarely make the headlines.”

“The most environmentally friendly energy – Wind ? No. Solar ? No. Tidal ? No. This: Human warmth.”

“We are often trapped by some of our big decisions. The way out of the trap is simply to look our ego in its big beady single eye, smile, and unmake them.”

“Thought for the day: Find a good cafe, take a note book and pen, wait for the thoughts to arrive, write a few if them down. Read them back to yourself. Move on.”

“Flames are so improvisational.”

“The people I have least respect for are those who see me as a valuable but ultimately expendable piece on their own paltry chessboard.”

“Our darkest fears are messages, screaming at our courage to wake the fuck up.”

“Sometimes when you are too immersed in a conversation with yourself, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.”

“Save a penny, lose a kingdom. Spend a two, gain a journey.” New Proverb

“Be a lone ranger. That doesn’t mean you have to be an a lone ranger.”

“This really is a time to learn to live and thrive with less; not as an irritation but as a celebration.”

“Snow rarely settles here in Brighton. It’s as flighty and commitment-phobic as the most of the people who live here.”

“You aren’t what you think you are. You are what your intuition says you could be.”

“Going back to the place you took a wrong turn is sometimes the only way to go forward.”

“”Sometimes bold decisions are stupid ones. Often gentle decisions are genius.”

“Without context there is no truth and often, much unintended harm.”

“You’ll never be truly at peace nor fulfilled, while there is even one soul you have misjudged or wronged.”

“Sometimes the truly dangerous road is the one where the person who habitually takes the ‘dangerous road’, takes the risk of taking the safe road.”

“Thought for the day: Violence takes many forms, most of it non-physical, and, even more of it, self-inflicted. Go on, sign a peace treaty with yourself.”

“I’m really not sure that Google would do what Google are doing.”

“When you put faith in the lateral and not just the logical connections and flow, you notice the tapestry that the silly map is but a tiny part of.”

“It’s snowing unsunshine.”

“Deciding where want to go isn’t as powerful as imagining where you have been.”

“The problem with focusing on the bottom line is that you keep having to look down. Up and ahead, now there’s a place to be looking.”

“The real day is longer, deeper, lusher than the virtual one.”

“When people get used to your value and habitualise it, they lose their sense of your true worth and devalue themselves in the process.”

“Your spark needs no upgrades. It responds neither to fingertip sharpness nor intellectual coldness. This new year – a year to open the eye of the heart.”

“If you keep micro blogging your deep passionate wishes, you dilute them. They are better left simmering, cooking in inner silence.”

“Don’t look to art to fill your money hole. Look to art to fill the hole in your aching soul.”

“It’s your story. No one else can write it but you. Make this coming year a worthy chapter.”

“The problem of being in a continuous, light-hearted and witty, self-deprecating relationship with yourself is that you never attack yourself properly, you never reach through your skin, your flesh and drag your trembling bones forward to where you really need to be.”

“Edinburgh’s severe weather warning came true: sunshine.”

“Listen. I am an alpha male, I like a nice pair of hooters as much as the next guy. But I have to say this: on the great arena of global change we really do have to finally step back and let the Amazon Women and Goddesses take over.”

“If you think that “this” or “that” in your life isn’t working, then remember: Life isn’t about working or not working. Life is about playing.”