Past, Present and Future – From Time-Line to Field of Possibility

Putting what went before (behind us in time), before (in front of) us, is a way to become more conscious about what action we need to take in the present. We usually see time as a line – a time line – consisting of past, present and future. Yet we can also see time as a field with past, present and future in play at the same time.

We can learn in the present from the past, we can explore what might have been and also learn from what actually did happen. Often things lying unresolved and poorly understood can become raw material for fresh thinking in the present about the future.

The past is still playing into us and the future may lie up ahead but even the future is in the same story as our past and present! When we put what went before, in front of us we can explore that story in a richer way. We often think that dwelling on the past can drain us, can full us with regret. It can.

Yet if we see beyond that, there is a rich resource of history to learn from, to inquiry into it, and even gather in resolutions and impulses that we never fully released or made use of.

Lessons from the past can be harvested, and we can add them to our present knowledge and future vision and wishes.

Don’t ignore your past, risk the discomfort of looking back, and gather in what you need; the present situation can then become changed, look and feel different and we can and will look differently at the future.

Here we are now, not trapped on a time line, but in a rich field of possibility.


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