Community is Naturally Obvious and Obviously Natural

We tend to over-complicate Life.

Yet the core of any community is a circle.

We need only sit together in a circle and open some space for conversation and collaboration with minimal fuss. Often we go into phone, text and email overload when all that is needed is to meet at the same time in our favourite cafe, or in our homes. A cup of tea or coffee and a conversation.

But what turns that meeting into a community is the free expression of needs and the collective attempt to address those needs. We speak and listen together, but we also go to work.

And when space for that work opens in a self-organising conversation in a circle, we can achieve anything.

Often we gently look for one less thing to do, and we do not worry too much about who hasn’t shown up. We “go where the energy is”, as writer Finn Kollerup says.

We are more effective when we go gently, taking our feet where we can be most productive, greeting the beginnings and endings of our meetings with an ease, and acceptance that the time we have is the right time.

Whatever happens, happens and when it is over it is over. The circle forms, changes, reforms. We are mobile; we expect and welcome surprise, even surprised when we are not surprised!

We are in the community conversation in a circle, but that circle and the strength from the support we find from it, means that the community energy is never lost.

Community comes naturally, if we allow it to.