Refinding your Mojo


“Relighting the spark and getting your energy back”

There’s a tiredness running through many people but often is rooted in their will force. Even getting up can be a problem for some, and depression has never been more prevalent in the world.

For many, they are more than able to function on a daily basis and are in jobs that are fairly stimulating with social lives to match. Yet many feel they have somehow “lost it”. And by “it” – they mean their mojo. It has been varyingly called their spark, their muse, their “zing”, their buzz” and even their “reason to get up in the morning”.

Our mojo is that unique quality of energy that makes us feel more alive. it;’s the bit on top of being able to function normally. Our mojo makes us sparkle – to ourselves and others. When we have our mojo, we feel we are probably doing just what we are meant to be doing.

Our mojo fires us, warms us and inspires us – physically and emotionally. When we have our mojo, we feel rooted in our life, connecting and flowing.

And when we lose it – and that can happen to someone at any time – we can often (though not always) still get on with things, but we feel something is missing.

Some people feel they’ve never truly found their mojo and aren’t even sure it exists. Others feel they have lost it. That could have happened over time as a kind of negative drift downwards, unnoticed until one day named. Or it can happen due to a crisis in our life – the loss of a job. a person or some other crisis.

But usually, our mojo vanishes, like a thief in the night.

If you feel you’ve lost your mojo, then this workshop is for you.

This interactive and challenging workshop, in a confidential environment will enable you to:

– get to the root cause of why your mojo vanished

– identify immediate ways to relight your spark and go mojo-hunting

– increase the chances of your mojo coming back to your core

– challenge yourself to climb back up into your genuine sense of purpose

– snap you out of  “wretched contentment”

Stories, examples, dialogue, experiment and the chance to have a critical incident to bring your mojo back to help you live a life that matters.

My mojo is the fire that burns brightly at the heart of my purpose.

My mojo will tend to flee from my own mediocrity.

My mojo is my spark, my pilot light of my creative fizz.

My mojo inspires me to be the person I really could be.


This workshop is available for booking for your business or organisation.

The  Facilitator


Drawing on over 20 years experience in coaching and mentoring, writer and facilitator Paul Levy will help you find out who you were really meant to be. Paul is a pioneer in the field of conscious business and is a senior researcher at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management. He’s the co-author of several books on change and development.

Contact us here for more information.

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