Thank You

A poem in which a friend offers to comfort a friend they feel they want to “give back” to.

In your coldest of winters
I will bring you warmed-white stones for your pillow
In your shivering space
I offer you toasted smiles and
gently simmering cuddles
wrapped around your freezing soul
I bring cosy liquorice comforts
and a soft blanket to
guide you safely home.

Upon the icy flagstones
I lay down a sumptuous samite rug of
teasing warmth
and wrap you up
holding you in an envelope of kindness
And when you have gently heated
in heart and mind
I will return with double-delight
to cover you in a mosaic-coat
that will fill the well you
drew your sadness from and
bring you a warming fire,
a steaming cup of Merlot-kisses
and a naughty smile