Facipulation – a first mention

A friend of mine runs a singing group. She’s often referred to by participants as a very special teacher. I heard a report a while back of one of her singing workshops for beginners. (She often gets so-called tone-deaf peopled singing merrily and in tune within a few hours).

Participants walk into the workshop at the beginning to be met by an enthusiastic and committed teacher. She begins singing, looking to others to join in. And that’s it. A few hours later, they have all learned rounds, harmonies and some new skills and songs. She speaks not a word.

Often these days, I spread my wings and fly into a space, landing gently with warmth and enthusiasm and we go straight into it. I assume no low energy, no fear, no “ice”, even though there may be all of these. We just begin and I find the assumption that we are ready from the word go is a gesture that has its own benefits in terms of shared responsibility, maturity and community.

I wonder if the need for icebreakers, energisers (whatever you call them) is more a need of the facipulator than the facilitator.

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