1001 Ways to Make your Business More Conscious

This is a collection of ideas and tips for raising the level and, improving the quality of consciousness in a business. Please do add your own!

1. Turn weekly reports into daily reports

2. As a leader, own up to business mistakes and invite your team to reflect and learn from them

3. Identify habits from the past that are still influencing the business in the present, positively or negatively

4. Collect more accurate data on business processes

5. Invite critical feedback from customers and suppliers. Don’t seek praise, seek improvement

6. Have a real conversation on what we all think the business values are/should be

7. Collect more or better environmental data

8. Locate your business on a map. See where your business fits into the world. Put stakeholders onto the map

9. Identify influences on your product or service design.

10 .Ask why we do things, a lot more often

11. Don’t just fix problems, dig down to the root causess

12. Check how accurate the costs data is for your business

13. Carry out a knowledge and skills audit in the business

14. Draw up accurate and up to date process maps for the business

15. Do some statistic forecasting of your business into the future

16. Identify different future scenarios for your business

17. Carry out exit interviews with people leaving – get useful feedback

18. Challenge collusions of mediocrity – where are we avoiding the uncomfortable conversations?

19. Use a devil’s advocate to ask tough questions

20. Improve understanding of the technologies your business is using

21. Allow third party auditing of your business’s processes

22. Check that you are measuring what you should be measuring

23. Leaders should leave their offices more and get to know all staff and the business “on the ground”

24. Simplify reporting structures – less levels in any hierarchy to improve speed of communication

25. Simplify communications

26. Encourage learning from mistakes

27. Encourage different perspectives and points of view when making decisions

28. Model processes in real time using state of the art information technology

29. Be clearer on minimum standards for customer service

30. Develop real time communication systems

31. Take time out from the office to reflect

32. Don’t be afraid of statistical data

33. Involve accountancy more in creating a real time picture of the business

34. Encourage a climate of personal and professional development

35. Identify sources of waste in the business

36.Find about what people value about working in your business – be open to feedback

37. Create space for more impromptu meetings

38. Look for problems to prevent

39. Review all time scales with a reality check

40. Ensure objectives are understood and correctly interpreted

41. Create a real time map of expertise in the organisation

42. Ensure people can find each other in the business for quick and appropriate communication

43. Allow people to rest and reflect. People need to be fresh and awake when they work

42. Nurture a healthy grapevine

43. Make challenge and questioning a virtue

44. Discourage politicking and hidden agendas

45. Pilot, experiment and share results

46. Increase research into “unknowns”

47. Eliminate spin

48. Make consciousness a valued asset

49. Acknowledge and manage for different energy levels and levels of awakeness at different parts of the day

50. Use micro-blogging for quick and easy info sharing

51. Sleep on important decisions

52. Ensure product and service documentation is up to date and accessible

53. Avoid jargon and bullshit

54. Have an authentically shared view of excellence

55. Always include the consequences in decision making conversations

Many more to come.


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