The Importance of Context

“Without context there is no truth and often, much unintended harm.”

Paul Levy

the danger of texting is that one sentence rarely provides space for context. Things are explained by context. Context gives the background and often is best told as story. When we have context our views of a situation or a person can rapidly and radically changed, or be confirmed. Context throws light on a situation.

The world  of social media rarely is patient enough for context.As a result situations are misread and misjudged, demonised or idolised.

Without context we don’t have the whole picture, the explanation behind a seemingly inexplicable behaviour. without context we can make damaging decisions. without context we can misname and mislabel.

Context takes longer then the speed of our fingertips or our rush to judgement.

Context can be fascinating and enrich our experience.

Whe should take the necessary time, and open space and time for context.

It makes us more conscious.

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