Open Some Space

Would you like to open some space in your organisation or community?

I can help you.

I’ve been opening space for over twenty years, using Open Space Technology and other approaches.

If you’d like to organise an Open Space Conference then contact me.

You can reach me easily…

By email at

Or by telephone on +44 (0) 7932 768980

We can start a conversation and, if an open space event seems right for you and your needs, then we can take it further.

An open space conference or event can be anything from an hour to a few days.

It can be for a small group or for up to hundreds of people.

It can explore any issue that you and your organisation or community feel restless about, feel it is important enough to come together to open space for a conversation.

The outcomes are action. The outcomes are progress. The outcomes are moving forward into the future.

I’ve facilitated and helped design open space events all over the world in the public, private and voluntary sector. I’ve facilitated open space in industry, in local government, in the arts and it community development.

So, contact me, if you’d like to explore open space further.